andy whale

Development lead at Numiko (Symfony, PHP, Python, Javascript, Drupal), Game Dev enthusiast (Unity, C#), problem solver, questioner of things, keen photographer, struggling guitarist, juggler, dad ...

web developer

By day I write websites for Numiko where we endeavour to work for clients inspiring social good; built mostly using the PHP stack.

aspiring game developer

By night I build games in Unity and C# and then bin them 4 - 6 weeks later due to the ideas becoming either unplayable or ludicrously complex.

published photographer

I shoot a Nikon D600 and love to take time out to take photos, but it really is just a hobby. Although one of my viking shots has been used in a book ;-)

The Children's Society

Development lead on this CMS build on Drupal 8.

Recommended Drupal modules

There are a number of drupal 8 modules which I almsot always start a project with, this is by no means an exhaustive list but this is a few of the go to choices.

British Academy

Development lead on this Wagtail build.

Random Number Field

Drupal 9 readiness pushed me to fix a bug with this module and move it into a release candidate

Wagtail, Tailwind and Embedded images with captions

Enabling custom image formatters in Wagtail and using Tailwind to display custom image models with a caption

The Electoral Commission

Development lead on this CMS build on Drupal 8.

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